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Work from home.
Earn extra income.
Easy to start/run.
Keep your present job.
No experience required.
Set your own hours.
Keep your present job.

Extra income opportunity
working from home.

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Incentives to help you grow your business.
Ongoing help, support and training.

Total Flexibility

Set your own hours, either full or part-time. Easy to start and run, working from home.

Unlimited Earnings

Immediate income, No experience or qualifications required. No commuting, more family time.

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VivaMK Health is way beyond products, classes, fees & weighing scales. It starts with PERSONAL BELIEF, the rest only falls into place once you have mastered the art of simply believing in YOURSELF.Love LIFEFeel GOOD#VivaMKHealth#VivaMKNetwork ... See MoreSee Less
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I have to say , that this quote is SO true. Most of us have the tendency to hang onto what we know, but mostly, success comes with 'feeling the fear & doing it anyway' ... See MoreSee Less
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11 months ago

Ann & John with Viva MK ... See MoreSee Less
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11 months ago

Ann & John with Viva MK
The regular visitors to 'Ann & Johns' Bargain Buys' will know that I've been on a trial for the first VivaMK Health product, the meal replacement shakeI have been replacing lunch every day with a Vanilla Velvet shakeI love Vanilla, & this didn't dissapoint. The smell & taste is really scrummy. There have been 75 of us on the trial, trying one of the 3 flavours. There have been good reports on all 3The product is vegan, & mixing it with water or non-dairy milk will keep it veganI like it with either coconut milk or skimmed (cows) milk, & I alternated days, just for a change.Making it in a blender or smoothie maker, gave it a really good milkshake look & taste, & it has been enough to carry me through until the next meal with no nibbling / grazing inbetween 😂Without extra exercise & just being reasonably careful of what I ate, I lost just over 4lb in that 2 weeks. What's really important is, that i feel so much better, I'm guessing because of the supplements/vitamins in the product. Some of the other participants that are more active have lost a lot moreIt is available for the introductory price of £22.50 for a pouch (plus postage), that will be sufficient for one meal replacement daily for 2 weeksHere's a leaflet in Flip book form, that will include all of the ingredients etc (my few words about it has been included on the leaflet too). You can zoom in to read the small print. can take the plunge & order the product from us - just choose your flavourWhat are you waiting for? This could be just the diet aid you've been looking for😁Available in Vanilla Velvet, Blueberry Bliss & Chocolate Cream ... See MoreSee Less
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