So, I work from home, but let’s face it, so do the majority of people at the moment!

It’s been generally suggested that people should be making the most of their time in lockdown, and they should spend some of their time developing a skill.

For someone like me, who’s been self-employed and working from home for 22 years, I feel duty bound to develop some more of my own now.

Working from home, requires habit and hard work in the early days. My best advice would be, in the beginning, treat it like a job. Set yourself a plan (daily/weekly/monthly). Ask yourself, ‘Would you employ you?’ Your future self will thank you for freeing up their time, because in the future, you’ll be able to work your business in the nooks and crannies of your life. At the beginning you will need to do the opposite. We can show you how. The thing is with our business, work doesn’t feel like work, we have fun, and we have fun whilst we’re earning money. So doing more, isn’t a chore ! (and it rhymes!!)

Invest yourself into your business. Depending on what you want out of it, (and, it will ALWAYS be what YOU want, and not what anyone else wants for you), and you’ll be going in the right direction. Have you got something that will inspire you to achieve success? We can show you how goal setting can aid your success.

So, what skills have I made myself develop lately? Well, more than ever of late, the world is online, so it seemed to make sense that I stop dragging my heels where IT was concerned and wake up the grey cells again!

What have you learned from lockdown?

Whatever did we do without Zoom?!! We used it before lockdown in our business, but now, well, what an incredible tool it is. Connectivity is the lifeline at this time. Just remember it is always important to build down-time in your business, like I am trying to do in this blog. Nobody wants to hear from someone, that can only talk about business, business, business.

It would be easy to do, because we love our business, and we’re very excited to see where this adventure takes us, but (& you’ll hear this often from me), we have found, what is truly ‘The Peoples’ Business’. We are passionate about it, but I’m sure you’ll want to discover that for yourself, from us, but in your own time and not force-fed!! We also want you to know a little about us.

As we scroll through the posts we receive daily on social media, there are regular comments that hold the sentiments, that there is hope that we continue our ‘hands across the world’ state after Covid 19 has gone. Posts that hope that we will start to appreciate the planet we have.

When my husband returned from his daily exercise walk the other day, he commented about the lack of beer and coke cans, takeaway cast asides and general rubbish dumped in the gutters. We are not all responsible for this, but surely the new ‘cleanliness’ due to people staying at home, has become obvious.

What has this situation made us aware of? What can we do, what should we do, and what do we need to do, once we can walk outside freely again? There are things that the eco-warriors have been championing for years.

There’s no excuse now, because we’ve all seen the wildlife creep back into areas that humans made it impossible to do so. The well known video of the time, being the mountain goats coming down the hills into a Welsh village.

Less cars, less pollution, but more connection and more awareness.

So what can we change? We are so pleased to be associated with a company that is advancing forward by including a range of eco-friendly products AND vegan make-up from their beauty range. We have eco-friendly cleaning products that work as good as, if not better, than the toxic chemicals that are available today. Our recently added range of eco-cleaners are receiving rave reviews. They really have to be tried to be appreciated.

We work alongside a company that is passionate about the inclusion of eco-products in its’ product range, and we have sandwich bags and microwave bags that could seriously reduce the use of plastic.

Our ‘Peoples Business’ is the Viva MK Network. Michael Khatkar is the owner and MD. We’ve known Michael for over 20 years and in our opinion, he is the nicest, most trustworthy guy on the planet, and we’re so pleased to be part of his journey. The business growth has been extraordinary since it began towards the end of 2018.

The business is like a family tree in structure and in camaraderie. There are no bosses, there are just people like us, that have simply been doing it longer and love to show others. It’s so important that you can spend that biggest chunk of your life (set aside for ‘working’), enjoying what you do.

This is something a person can do with absolutely no experience. If you join with experience, great, we can learn from you possibly finding ideas that we can all use, but whilst we are looking for ambitious people, we also recognise that there are people out there, who are looking for something in the same way we were, 22 years ago. We joined the industry, but didn’t look at helping other people, by showing our business to them, until a whole year after we started, and do you know the reason? Because nobody explained it to us. So, Welcome to a whole new ‘sharing’ type of business.

We’ve been part of the VivaMK Network since it began in 2018, and it’s proving that it’s a force to be reckoned with. We are so excited about the future of the business.

The product range has grown and grown and there is so much repeat business from customers, it’s got to be a winner. If the industry is new to you then there is always training available, and you can start earning with every order.